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Once I was

Once I had dreams
I was loved
I was kissed
I was alive.

Once the moon was full
I was caressed
I was the dance
I was hugged.

Once the sky was blue
I was nurtured
I was admired
I was free.

Once the melodies sounded
I was inspired
I was breathing
I was awake.

Once the night had stars
I was photographed
I was desired
I was light.
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It's a sunny day

It's a sunny day
It's a silent one
Hold my life on the line
As if I could enjoy what can come

A pillow and a plush
Hold my guard tonight
If I hear them speak
I will lose my mind

Thousands and millions think
But no one truly knows
How to make this better
How to change the world

They may say who are guilty
Who are the savage or the insensible
But it's just a coward response
Cause no one wants to help them

You can let yourself feel important
With words of protest or hate
You can create or destroy
You can feel compassion or resentment

But here in my sunny and silent room
I will search a escape
Because meanwhile you decide my fate
I will kill my hope

Is there a future for my dreams?
Or are you too focus on win?
Collateral damage will leave us wasted
Afraid to exist while we are manipulated
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I was made to love you

I know the time can't stop,
and I run everyday
to show how much I love you
I know, sometimes
you can't understand Why.
But I promise its true.
I was made for you.
Because I love you like a flower love the sun.
Like a stars love the moon and
the lovers love the night
where they can give themselves freely.
Thats is why I Know why...
David I was made to love you

Tania Mauri M.
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In a deep night
I can hear a sound
that comes from the rain.

This sound is like a noise of a train:
a thick

It is like a kick
in your ear.

But for your eyes
it is a silent light
so pure, nuclear,
that drives me crazy

The moon flys with the automatic
driver, she is so lazy.

I shouldn't hear this voice,
but it is too frail,
I need to hide evermore
this voice that said:

"Some more"
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Hidden Wings

You wait that day
in which bravery
consumed you
and you can finally
spread those wings
that you had kept,
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I dream about afterlife
and disease.
The loneliest path of life
It's where I lead,
the trophies that I own
would not be seen,
but in the dark I know
they let me breath,
I don't know anymore
what is the truth?
My sins were justified
and so the breeze,
to live and survive
It's not the same,
but as I break it down
I'll feel ashamed.
I was your lullaby
in midnight calls,
I miss your voice and laugh,
I miss your clothes
and to sleep between the edge
of our despair,
to feel no compromise
with our betrayal,
I guess we consumed
more than what we had,
deep within our hearts
we were not alive.
I hope you find peace
The peace that you deserve,
even if that means
I disappear.

Wrote by Natalia Farel
Corrections by Enid Rodríguez Isaias
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Estúpida venganza

Me dijiste que no podías hacerlo
No podías como yo querìa
No podias reirte a carcajadas en medio de la calle
Y no me pudiste dejar robarte tantos besos.
No pudiste.
Ahora, yo tampoco quiero.
Maldito amor!
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Haiku 1

Fallen to the grass
Lost and not returned rice
Nothing to cry now
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Morocha cómo la tierra,
ascendencia aborigen,
sangre caliente,
sol y luna, pasión, piel morena.
Cabellos renegridos,
rojos labios, mirada encendida,
hoguera qué no sé apaga,
por más vientos de la vida.
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Two souls becoming one

The Lion's Roar; Who's Sound Shall Ring in Our Ears Forever and Ever

Deny the special gift
Remain on earth, possessing each and every one of its souls
Only the chosen Lion feeds on these humans
And no one can escape this beast when he is hungry
The Lion cares not for human concepts of time
As you sleep he is hunting you
Once he quakes the earth 'neath your feet
It is too late for you are beside him
Better not to resist accede to his desire
It will hurt less

Passive now on your back gazing into the eyes of
The Lion incising your chest delicately
Placing his mark on your soul
With one single claw for a scalpel
He removes your heart
And you feel no pain as you watch it beat
He contemplates in return this delicious rose for a while
As he toys with you, his prey, keeping you alive until
He pierces your heart with a single canine
Two souls becoming one Lion
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The Golden Key

Once upon a time there was a nine year old boy, called Xavier. After having finished his homework he wanted to go to the children park in order to play with his friends. However he couldn´t go: it had been snowing the whole night and the snow covered the village streets…
 -Grandma, may I go to the forest?
 -Yes, dear. And we will pick some branches to put them into the fireplace. Then we will set them on fire. This winter is so cold…

 And Xavier´s curious eyes saw a little object which lighted on the ground…
 -Oh, Grandma! Look what I have found! A golden key!
 -Oh my God!…
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"Bathed in diamonds"

Tiny mouths open up their lips
and the rain falls of stars
or purple rose petals--
healing wounds and bodies
of sad lovers.

They scream inside the crystal,
They feel their steamy breath
under red rocks, while their auras--
materialize like an endless river.

Everything becomes pure water,
life and the deepest blue of tears:
The beauty of two souls
bathed in diamonds.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Mayo 2020.
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Here & There

Fire is still burning
In the bones
In the promises
Our love seems to be like a black and white movie
Our love kills the bullets and nobody is hurt

Fire is moving
Rapidly across our sun
And time goes by
Even here
Even there.
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Kiwi juice

No words
drops of jazz and Kiwi
killing the math
so easy

No lines
we´re dreaming
getting close to the edges
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For how long?

For how long can you show us the rain?

For how long can you show us the sun?

For how long can you show us the clouds?

For how long can you show us the wind?

For how long can you show us the storm?

For how long can you love me if we aren’t the same?

Why are you changing every time during a day?
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mi corazon noes tu yo

Asi como tu me sacaste de tu vida
yo voy a sacarte de mi vida y mis pensamientos
pero mas de mi corazon
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Mi corazon esta triste

Mi corazon esta triste pero mi alma
lo esta mas por no volverte a ver
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In front of me

Every time you bite your lips,
you make me nervous.

Every move you make,
you make me jealous.

Every time you do something,
you make me crazy.

Every moment you left me alone with you,
you make me loving you more.
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Today, I say I love you .....

Today, I say I love you .....
Today I say I love you, with my most sincere feelings, today I say come on, let's walk this path together. intertwining my hands to yours as a young adventurer. It is as if every step we take, brings us closer to that future, which we sometimes fear, it is not about anguish, or despair, nor is it about money, it is about those small ones, things that are sometimes resolved with a simple I love you. That is, shake hands with me, my love, come and dance, you look lovely tonight. With that black dress, it's sitting on each other under a blanket of cherry…
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Memories of my Melancholy

We will always have the pool table were everything began
When we shared our deepest thoughts
And brightest smiles
Were we declared, that our love will last forever...

We, will always treasure the moments we spend it besides each other’s
Next to the wheel when riding to our next adventure
Next to each other on all the movies we saw
All those times we spend it looking at the ceiling talking about the future

All those call we had, talking about everything and nothing
Until we both fall asleep, how much we wanted to be at each other’s hands
And how happy we were when we could finally wake…
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