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The pain of the rosy cross

I do not understand

I thought this battle would be simple for me

In my mind simply to give away a Rose

Even though it must be the biggest, the most beautiful Rose
First one must reach this rose, growing in lands far off

Where they call it the rose of “Love”,

I thought it would be simple when they sent me in search of this Rose
A great mission, to search out and retrieve the Rose of Love

And bring her to Heaven, it seemed simple

I never felt any fear, I never lost a battle along the way

I was completely at ease then

Not knowing of the danger or the difficulty I would encounter

Trying to find this Rose, a Rose they say has thorns that can stick one's Heart
Ripping, scrapping, and tearing at the Heart eventually splitting it in two

But I am not sorry now that I know of all this pain

All this pain that I must go through will in the end
Only turn to joy
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First the stars

First the stars
And then the sun

Then the emeralds
And then the womb

Then an hour
and then the tomb --

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Trapped right near the exit of the tunnel

I saw the light a mere few meters away

I turned to look back into the darkness

I survey the place I’ve spent my whole life

It is dark and my vision is clear but forwards

Outside, I see thousands of different paths

Too many roads going in too many directions

All the choices confuse me and no path is clear

No way forward into the light has any clarity

Like the clarity of the darkness I’m so use to

I know I let myself get too comfortable in the dark

Every time I think about the decisions that I’ve made

I feel the hurt I’ve…
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The right path

Once i lived in the dark, out there alone.
But being and feeling alone was too much ti face.Sometimes everything becomes too much.

Left to change the world alone, everything seemed hopeless.There is no chance to break free, but you realize that the fog will soon clear up.

Although everyone said she was strong, what they didn't know was that she could hardly continue, but she knew that everything would be fine.

You must not be afraid, we are all the same, no we are not, i cannot free myself, i live in my darkness, i know that everything will get worse.

If i could take hope by the right hand, i would fall, because jus as a mirror deceives us with the reflection that makes you think that hope doesn´t ?

Sometimes it all becomes too much, but someday the fog will heat up, and soon you will hi the path of happiness.
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Haiku 2

The empty forest
Quiet murmur of leaves
Tormenting silence
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Thank you kind sir for opening the doors before my very eyes.

Allowing me to see the light and the truth

Thank you for lifting me up from crawling on my knees

For I was abut to give up, to let go and fall flat on my back

Defeated, drifting into the void which surrounds me

However, surrendering myself I fall into your hands

And once again thank you kind sir for giving me a second chance

A chance to come to your house, the temple of my dreams

Showing me the way, but still allowing me the freedom to choose

I can choose any path I wish, but I declare that what you want I…
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The wind

One can’t flee from the wind, he’s inescapably swift

Nobody can move any faster than the wind can blow

If you try to and run from the wind, he will only find you

The wind can not be outwitted like the hurricane or tornado

Those two are more civil, they let us know when they’re coming

Their appearances are never invited and always memorable

But they all answer to their master and creator, the wind

We should all attempt to make our peace with the wind

Of all the things he brings us, there is more good than bad

Such an enemy as the wind is impossible to vanquish

Why not then realize our limitations and make peace with him

As we did in the beginning, when the world was unpolluted
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Just what I need

When I had you I didn’t need any miracle, because you were my heaven;
But now that you’re gone...
I need all the kindness from the lord just for not feeling so alone
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The whistle

When I saw her walking away

she could not hear me

as she didn't know of the whistle

But now to reach out to her

I need only give the whistle

And if she wants to locate me in return

So I can come to find her

She calls out to me with a whistle

If I whistle she is calm

When she whistles in return

I know she needs me

From afar, we can find one another without words

we need only whistle to know that all is well

That noise which may irritate some

For us peacefully reassures

If we want to know when the other is near

We have no need for a phone

We can simply whistle

As if we were

little birds
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The falcon on the cross

God will bring you calm, says the Falcon on the Cross to

Sweet Virgin Mary Mother of God

Listening to your prayers I can endure no longer your cries of agony
Were it my own agony I would find it far easier to suffer, but
To see you cry pains me to the very core of my soul

Watching your tears fall
Staining your gleaming blue dress
Red as his blood
Flowing down from your eyes and the veins of your son
Forming rivulets from the base of the Cross your Son's burden
Watching all this Virgin Mother, I cry with you both
Unable to forget your faces struggling to withstand
The mutual pain, fatigue…
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Change of status

Saving the world was our idea
But it seems that we’re too late
Time is up here on Earth
Time is important of course
Yet doesn’t matter where we come from
It seems that I will fail at my task all the same
You will be my first lost battle
However, I will not bow my head in failure and shame
I will return to the world of light
I will wait there for another opportunity
I will wait there until I get another chance at Piety
A chance to take the oath of a citizen of Light
That is my most sacred dream and deepest wish
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The way we used to live

I sat with you
Beside same table
We ate so many happy bites
Each spoon we've had
Each smile that broke
Each minute of.. September..
Each time you came
Each time I left
Cold weather of November.
You wore me like your only skin
All wrapped in your perfume
We moved together, once again
Enjoying the same tune.
We laughed away our daily life
For five amazing days
We broke free our love and lust
So many times.. So many ways..
We part ways.. But not heartbroken.
We make plans for our "next time".
We enjoy the Sun, the weather..
Happy summer of July..
We sweat..or it's just me?
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Tweet and Twat

"Tweet, tweet, tweet!"
the birdy goes.
Arriving light of day!
The dogs, asleep.
The cats, asleep.
The cows… eating some hay.
The horses… horse.
The fish… glub! glub!
The farmer… on his way.
But on that ranch,
that little branch,
where Tweety went on tweeting,
a little Twat
said “ Oh my God!"
and flew for a short meeting.
The little Tweet,
all filled with heat,
went on to tweeting louder!
The little Twat,
who saw all that,
flew in, caring a flower.
All mighty fluff
he turned his eyes..
He looked at Tweet with hunger.
He then proceeded doing stuff
to mark their new…
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Did I told you

Did I told you

You were the only one,
sorry love, another one has come.

Did I pretend it was forever?
Did you believe me?
Such fools that we were.

Honestly, I try
Not to write the same story
that the one I wrote with you.

But going back to the old habits
staying on the pattern.
Cuz chocolate addicted
can’t keep my mind off a body.

I always go back to your nudes,
Do you also do the same?
I’m still the one that makes you crazy in bed?

Did I told you,
You were the only one?
Sorry love, I have lost count.
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To be wild

Go to the forest at night,
swim in the Artic ocean;
wait for a storm to come and see.

Push you out through the grey frog,
climb up the tress of the hill;
look how it will change your horizon.

Be like a flower,
it stays awake in the same place,
willing to grow whenever day it is.

Think about your things you like,
go and do them
to be wild.

Run to see.
Stay to live.
Have fun to brave.
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First time

I believe in the best feelings you can ever felt.

But sometimes
are feelings we can feel them
many times,

almost every day
almost every hour.

But they are
normal feelings;

even though
the first ones
are the best ones,
they won’t never change.
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For me

I don’t know if you see it, but the little things are the perfect ones. So please, don’t destroy them for me.
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Amor mio

Amor mio quisiera saber que eres el hombre
que yo siempre sonado pero amor mio
siento que tu eres es hombre yo siempre seperado

escrito por lorena
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Someone forever

I need someone to be with me.

I don’t mean only in the good and bad

I just mean in life


Your wings with mine,
your hands with mine,
your eyes with mine
and our place together in time.
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México Se Libre

I, too, sing of my country - Mexico, where the eagle stands fearlessly atop the cactus and devours the rattlesnake.
I see a line of women standing shoulder to shoulder; they’re dressed all in black, like the darkness that closes upon women, chasing the life out of their eyes.
But I, too, see the city in flames, el ángel de la independencia is the ash at the end of a cigarette, trembling, ready to crumble.
I hear women - so desperate to be heard that they scream violently until their voices grow silent and blood flows past their lips.
I believe that women need to coalesce to change the…
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When love is finished

When love ends,
forgetfulness begins,
caresses are erased
and the songs stop hurting.

When love ends,
indifference begins,
the colors are dull again
and the flowers become plants.

When love ends,
the wind does not caress you
the rain is simple water
and the moon stops been silver.

When love ends
the photographs fade,
the letters become dusty,
and coffee tastes bitter.

When love ends
there are no sad goodbyes,
time does not stop
to remember.

But when you still love her,
and she has stopped loving you,
you feel agonize pain
that kills you slowly.

The songs hurt,
the wind hurts,
her absence hurts
and you just remember her goodbye.
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You and me

I always look behind you
Even if it hurts
I keep tracking your steps
Just in case you feel lonely
You will have my company
You're my mirror and myself
I'm an abstraction of the rest
In your heart I belong
But your life will leave me all alone
You may never care
You may never see
But my cynism and my secrets
Are enough to always remember
You were made for me
My mind's favorite game
It's let my eyes look how tender
Your's behave
If I could give my life to make you feel less tired
I'll be the one to sacrifice her
This dementia holds my throat
I wish we could let it go
Are you thinking about me?
Of course not, I was trying to feel weak
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Another year without you

Missing a few minutes after the birth of the baby Jesus, the street lights suddenly went out, some neighbors shouting others bored, the Christmas spirit is being lost. I lit a candle and near the manger my soul and heart are happy, there is nostalgia for your departure, delivered blown kisses. Not knowing who receives it. I will imagine with my memories, sadness begins, I will reduce my life, until it does not exist. The stories of letters you forgot accompany me.
There is no genius that fulfills a wish or erases everything I feel, although I am alone, I look for your memory in every corner…
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If one day love at my door knocks....

if one day love at my door knocks ...

If one day the love at my door knocked. I think that day I would not be very prepared. I would not know whether to keep my door open or closed. If I would run away or stay still without doing anything. if I tell you, come on friend sit with me here in my room. let's have a little talk. It is not that I have past experiences but I think if by chance I give you input, my life could have many ups and downs. That is why I would like to keep a small distance with you at the moment, go through other houses first. Touch its doors and windows, be free to come…
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You left

You left your dreams, to have a new life, every invitation you receive is always a no how answer, the diaries they wrote down, become soap operas, now their steps leave traces. You don’t tell their secrets to the moon, you changed shyness for bravery.

I thought I had no strength to move forward, fight against lies, you always thought that joy is in the meetings of friends hidden at night, everywhere you will find sins, you will forget your dreams.

His eyes are springs, your words are wisdom, spring rejoices his soul, you have a tattoo on your back that says, no to war, his teachings never expire, there is no reason to forget. You left everything for me, you lost your freedom to take care of me and be with me, I know so much love I don’t deserve it.

You ran out of freedom you couldn’t fulfill your dreams, just to be with me. Thanks Mom.
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At this time of year.....

At this time of year.....

At this time of year . Everything seems to have meaning. at this time of year the streets. Houses, stations, parks, look out of a magical story. You see how a small pine tree turns green to be with balls, ribbons and bows, gilded. You see an old house before it shatters, all renovated, full of lights and a Santa Claus riding, his sleigh in the yard. you pass through that park where little boys used to play and there are only beautiful couples sitting under a leaf of mistletoe, holding hands. Not to mention, is the main street where we all walk. placed in each…
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miente cuando es necesario. y cuando no es necesario di la verdad,
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Like porridge for our breakfasts

A fresh new morning
has come to our existances...
holly glory to our souls,
like a tin, full of porridge for our breakfasts

Let the fresh air
run through our souls
like the sounds of the new milk
emerge and place itself in our selves,
just remember:
you haven't got place for a doubt
where the milk has no porridge...
I would say:
-"Just don't worry
or you'll spill the whole tin..."-
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If you are by my side ......

If you are by my side .....
If you are by my side ,I feel that my world is no longer so desolate. If you are by my side ,my emotions no longer sprout out of control like a tornado. I remember the first time we met was on a sunny day, people passed by us and we stood there, without wanting to hold hands, it was unexpected, you looked at me and blushed, you told me ... I want you to always stay by my side! .I got out of the excitement, since it was something, spontaneous and unplanned. For many we could seem somewhat crazy jj. For me it was the most beautiful proposal in the most anticipated moment. It's been a few years and I tell you here together sitting here, every time you hold my hands, I feel that feeling again, so alive, so cute, so unexpected, as if time never passed. side sad days become sunny.
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Be the woods

If you loose yourself in the woods,
don´t be afraid , be the woods
from the water to the air
from the mushrooms to the snakes
your soul for a long time had a brake
but today you are into the woods
be all and nothing at the same time
there isn´t mistakes here
be the woods.
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Let me drown in the
ocean of your eyes
while the neon lights
of our last song
cracks the waves
and turn them
into paperplanes
that will fade
with the sand of time.
I'm not gifted to
take the key anymore,
I can't gaze at the stars
and unsolve
the mysteries that the cloths
of the universe hold;
my soul set in darkness
and I can't contemplate
the unknown beauty
of the hours hiding
like kids scared of their
own shadow.
We can run into
the deepness of Ireland's fields
and recite the poems
of our endless goodbyes,
we can break the clouds
and save the raindrops of London skies
in a jar where the moon
sings lullabies to the fallen angels.
Let me stop the world
because I lost the sight
of the horizon
and I'm too broken
to crash again.
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Capitán Gómez

I will remember my adventures that I placed in a wooden box, bicycle rides, children playing in the street, greeting everyone, listening to the stories of Captain Gomez, whole nights looking for the star of desires in the sky. Watching through the windows the puddles in the rain.

At half-mast of the flag, shotgun sounds, there is no day when the news speaks of misfortunes, there are people united and without destiny, we are celebrating lost battles, they remind us of the heroes who left, I do not want to wake up to not hate and be observed.

I am a stranger my own country, there is still hatred and slavery, on each wall there are stains of innocent blood, and being puppets of leaders who lie to us to get money. We are always manipulated by a light.
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What are you conveying me?

I can hardly express myself in spanish,
not to say in english.
It is a challenge that is over my head.
Maybe, I would rather keep
silence, and try nothing
you to tell.
But, I catched your curious eyes
watching me, surprised, anxious and wet.
What are you conveying me,
that I have not already said?
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If you want ........

If you want to laugh, do it, if you want to cry do it, if you want to dance do it. If you want to raise the bolumen to the rhythm of your life do it, if you want to go ahead and forget the past do it, if you think you have left no trace where you have passed and you think it is better to be alone than in bad company, if you want to believe that the love for your life has not come, just have this thought very well saved, and if at any given time, you feel very tired, just think that if you want, just if you want, you can be that person you have longed for so much
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Not A Soul

Not a soul, not a sound, not a single person around.
For it falls from little and then strong,
but in unison as they go.
For they are white with a colded heart.
They are quite as a cat, the cold wind hits us hard like the time that runs out fast.
For it is grey and soft at hand their´s no memory left behind.

As it goes and come we hear the howling far beyond,
It gets near, it get close, it spears through the heart at once and for all,
It disappears , and it appears,
In a whisper, in a voice in a sense that no even knows,

But there is a sense,
There is a fear that no one is…
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Cut Here

There's something in my wrist
a dot-line that says "cut here"
as in a red milk brick...
Would be a shame not to drink from it?
Should I spill it? Or should I mispell the sign?

Not to cut the line, "never cut here".
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I hate all that make me love you, and I hate myself for be weak.
I could be quiet inside my room, just keeping my pain, my love, and my pride.
It's you. A soul free, sometimes I think that you are just an angel, and a demon at the same time.
I have to pay yours mistakes, and carry mine.
Just hold my hand and lead me into the darkness with you, I could be blind, deaf, I can shut my mouth
Tie my hands, don't let me go. Seduce me, leave me in your hell, I don't care the flames, I just want die with you.
And after that, live a life without pain, sadness, regrets, only you and I, me and you...
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