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In the right hands

In the right hands,
golden fingers under gold.
Blue silver hides
because it's right that they left.
Golden silver sings
to the eternal rings
begging for golden gold,
only getting silver.
And golden golden gold
prays to see the eternity
from the first water they lived in.
But they're grownup.
It's late for gold;
they've been silver,
and now they're waiting
to be stardust.
On the other hand,
golden silver's still on time.
They've been silver, and now
they're about to be silver gold,
and change what we believe we know.

Will they be the ones?
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Senryu (drops from heaven)

From heaven those drops,
tears in the sky of your eyes,
your tender sadness.

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H03 [Poem I]

Poets before me, Help!
I cannot find the words to
Write verses today
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Stellar Love con @AljndroPoetry

[09] We used to be one for each other
[10] you were the salt and I was the pepper
[11] we used to be the sun and the moon eclipse
[12] you were my sweet sugar, I was your dark coffee.

[12] The ants have taken away the sweetness, coffee's
[09] Expired: how flavourless we've become!
[11] Eclipse: Announcer of darkness, how dull our
[10] World, how black the sun, the moon - how impure

[10] The night just gets darker, sadly darker,
[12] my lonely dreams are pale; they are blurred, swamped and drowned.
[11] Where are the stars, the universe in your eyes?
[09] Where is the love, and where are you now?

[11] So here I am – the largest Sea above me
[11] The water calls me to sleep and the salt cleans
[11] My Soul. Frozen Sea where million petals float –
[11] I keep walking – the water closes my eyes –

[11] Could this water satisfy my thirst of you?
[11] Could the longest river in the Milky Way
[11] get me back to you, my shiny stellar love?
[11] May your water arms just hold me tight, again?

[09] But - why do I want to be out of
[11] This navy blue forest when the deer's gleaming
[12] Eyes and the firefly rivers kill the thirst and take
[10] Me away from your loveless irises?

[10] Maybe I just want, need, to close my eyes
[11] dream again my sweet dream of you while I dream
[09] and reach the bright stars that trace your name
[12] and drink you, my tender love, my deep green river

[12] Yes – I could close my eyes to have you once more but
[11] The hold of your arms gently evaporates –
[10] Eternity does not survive on earth
[09] Our love's become petals in the Sea –
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Naked spirit that goes through doors

Things are complicated
And thoughts are not exceptions
In english the being is more sensitive,
It is not scared,
Neither terrified.
In english the being is ull confidence,
He is comfortable
He start think about a new and different way
To see the life and to perceive what it wants.

Today it is August 23rd
Remembering this day in 2014
Too many things have changed
The being, loves and lovers, the human sense,
religion, skin, hair color, perspectives.
This day in 2012
I remember my being in the hospital
Mom was outside waiting for me
A dermatologist and nurses,
Whom I love very much,
With cotton specks over my face
And too much blood in a scalpel.
The being was anesthetized
But it felt everything
Every cut, every twinge,
Everything was there before the eyes,
Was awake.

Midnight is the perfect hour
To be naked, to be barefoot
Enjoying having a home
And getting naked
Walking through the doors.
In english the being is not afraid to be virgin
Waiting for times and taking breaths
Does not take the life as a competition
Living her essence, her armony and her love
Smiling with every face muscle
Being confident of a YES
And very proud of a NO.
Innocence is very beautiful
But also is attractive be experimented
And of course not being a fool.

A life of free spirit
A free spirit who run through Virginia,
Wants to know about the discoverers.
A free spirit that touch the wind,
Feel the fallen leaves of the trees,
Rubs his skin with mud.
A free spirit that breaks its shackles,
Guides his path without compasses,
Does not live kneeling
It arise every day to get his dreams
Listening to music
Feeling it for all its body
A free spirit that in this world is freedom.
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Written dream

In which dream

I dreamed

I dreamed of you?

In the one I dreamed

last night.

The dream was about me

writing that I miss you.

I dreamed a dream

where I wrote a poem

like this one.

Well, in the dream it had

shorter lines,

and I dreamed I wrote

so much better.

But, what can I say?

I break the rules and write

just with my heart.

But right into the dream,

there were games;

so many games made

of a few words.

Words that didn’t convince me,

but words that had

a double meaning for love.

Right now I’m missing

so many people,

but the ones who come

to my mind are just four.

So I’m writing

this dreamy poem because

maybe it’s time for us

to start from scratch.

They say “it’s never a goodbye”.

They say “you never know”.

They also say “never say never”.

Why don’t we say

“we’ll meet in our dreams”?

I dreamed a dream

and I wrote a poem

like this one.
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On my way

On my way,

trying ours.

Tiring living

day to day.

Need to liven up

all in my inside.

Well, almost all,

cause I’m already

starting to get ready

to be

doing well.

On my way,

trying ours.

Climbing with

magical wings

made of dreams

and a strong will.

Tiring living

day to day.

My will

will be willing

to create, and keep

living, not surviving,

which also,

without even thinking

about writing a will.

On my way,

trying ours.

Tiring living

day to day.
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Together we make the perfect couple

If your impudent poetry penetrates as destructive hurricanes full of malice,
Woe to me, tormented soul!
Woe to me, guilty soul!
Your sensuality haunts me and materializes
As smoke more black than the torment of your decaying flesh.

I have observed the callosity of your feet bleeding through this vale of tears
Woe to me, poor soul in love!
Woe to me and my fiery cancerous fibers attached to yours!
Your sensuality haunts me and materializes
As smoke more black than the sickening of our spirit.

Skin and Neck
Heart and lungs
Convalescent bodies but voracious voices of titans
Together we make the perfect couple!

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
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I wait for you (Poetry for my ex lover)

(Spanish version)
Te espero atada a la roca lunar
hundida en sal y agua
Te extraño maternalmente
como si yo misma te hubiera parido
Y si vieras mis ojos tristes
como se alegran al oír tu acento Irlandés
pronunciar mi nombre
sabrías qué hay en el núcleo de mi alma
el mismo firmamento estrellarse
en el llovizna kilonovas
de cielo y plata!
Me arrebató como una tormenta eléctrica
Y erupciones de granizos azotan la tierra mojada
Te espero atada a tus plantas
Con centenares de mariposas
durmiendo sobre mi espalda
Cuando finalmente te acercas
glacial es tu indiferencia
Ya no puedo mas
Te imploro
que enredes tus manos en mi cuello
me sostengas allí muy firme
para ahogarme debajo
en el Mar Esmeralda
con toda esta decepción sofocante
que yo siento.
(English version)
I wait for you tied to the moon rock
sunk in salt and water
I miss you maternally
as if I had given birth to you
and if you saw my melancholic eyes
as they rejoice to hear my name
from your Irish accent
you would know
what is in the core of my soul
it's the same firmament crashing
in the drizzle kilonovas
of heaven and silver!
It snatched me
like a thunderstorm
and eruptions of hail whip the wet soil
I wait for you tied to your plants
with hundreds of butterflies
sleeping on my back...
Finally when you reach out--
your indifference is glacial,
I can't take this anymore!
I implore you
to wrap around with both of your hands
my neck and hold me there
until I drown in the Emerald Sea
with all this suffocating disappointment
that I feel.
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Almond Eyes Throbbing in Diamond (English and Spanish Version included)

(English version)
Have you ever been so surprised
by the mellowness in your eyes?
They were like almonds
throbbing in diamond,
An endearing sweetness
like a silky caress,
Again I saw them--
but they were only shadow,
It was as if your spirit was not present,
Only those two black holes
became more obvious
and devoured their beauty,
Perhaps the bitterness of life
is whipping your whole being
and extinguishes those orbs
bathed in sunlight,
or perhaps I am the blind one--
Annihilated by pessimism.

(Spanish Version)
"Ojos de almendra palpitantes en diamante"
¿Alguna vez has estado tan sorprendida?
¿Por la suavidad en tus ojos?
Eran como almendras
palpitante en diamante,
Una dulzura entrañable
como una caricia sedosa,
De nuevo los vi...
pero eran solo sombras,
Era como si tu espíritu no estuviera presente.
Solo esos dos agujeros negros.
se hizo más obvio
y devoraron su belleza,
Quizás la amargura de la vida.
está azotando todo tu ser
y extingue esos orbes
bañado por la luz del sol,
o tal vez yo soy el ciego--
Aniquilado por el pesimismo.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
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Again no echo game

She put down roots,

but she’s gone with the wind;

she is always on the ground,

but seems to be up in the air.

She’s barely a tree;

a bare, wise and precious wood.

And her branches are twisted,

and her leaves completely green.

Rain is what she drinks;

the sun is what dries her hair.

When she’s not wet anymore

she drinks all of the sun rays.

And she sings.

Oh, she sings everyday.

With all the colors from heaven.

And then the wind echo spares.

So you can hear that angelical tree.

Yes, you know better than I

that your roots can just fly to the clouds

and that your branches make the echo stay.

But it’s time to face the truth.

There’s no chance for me to be with you.

But, anyway, I won’t ever give you up.

I’ll be right here until the end of our time.
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I decide

You think you got me

this time.

You didn't.

I'm getting stronger

day to day,

round to round.

It's all part of the process,

all part of the success.

So, next time

you think

I'm yours again,

you better think twice.
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Two bodies inert in fire

I perceive the sweat of your forehead
smell of rhythmic manhood
to lash out against my gardens which throb
hungry carnivorous roses
my beloved
during the sobbing hour of lovemaking
I demand that the stars so haughty and far away observe us in wonder
the beauty of two bodies melting
flesh and blood
playful snakes
swollen lips
strawberry nipples bitten
pearly pearls glowing in eruption
may all of us come together
my only truthful wish
my brazen desire
of our secret encounter
resting only you and me
laying in thousands of wild flowers.
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Sexy and glamorous

Seeing you walk
Every day, every time, every hour
When we fall in love, when we talk,
When I feel too much anxiety
You make me stay at reality.

Baby turn around
And show me that exercised ass
Let me lay over at sky fall
Breaking slowly my heart,
Sometimes I would like to act
Like you does
With a sexy runway walk.

I do not know how you do
But my mind can not stop
Thinking very seriously about that,
Let the wind begin to blow
With your hair in conspiracy.

Always wear high heels
And kill me very quickly,
Show them you are better
Take your being to heaven
And dodge all the firecrackers,
Dodge each paparazzi
As you do with the camaras
Times you have been in Beverly Hills.

Dress your body in red
And never try it again,
Throw the clothes to the washing machine
And stay with your sexy lingerie
And of course with your high heels
Say yes to a beautiful painted nails.

Be glamorous, be a sexy goddess
And also be a bombshell,
Do your makeup before you leave
Look at the world like a blessing from angels,
Look at the world like a stage made for you,
Never ever show your eyeshadow to others
And keep going forward
With the forehead raised
This is how you are.
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"O my beloved!" (Spanish and English versions) By: Enid Rodríguez Isáis

"¡Oh mi amado!" (Versión en Español)

¡Oh mi amado!
cuando entierras tu virilidad,
entre mis valles de rosas blancas,
Siento un fuego ardiendo en mis profundidades,
una alegría que trae lágrimas de gratitud,
incluso las golondrinas vuelan,
rodeando nuestra unión,
y eres tan majestuoso,
¡Oh mi amado!

Adoro tu pálida espalda,
más suave que el terciopelo,
adoro tus lujuriosos ojos marrones,
que desafía mi juicio, porque sabes,
¡me entrego sin reservas a tu merced!
cuando esa peligrosa serpiente tuya explora,
debajo de mi inocencia, ya no me importa ser,
una dama, estoy dispuesta a ser la puta de las putas,
¡Oh mi amado!

Cuando nuestras lenguas se tocan y lamen,
hay ráfagas de fuego,
que saben a vida y muerte...
¡Oh mi amado, yo quiero poseerte!

"O my beloved!" (English version)

O my beloved!
when you bury your manhood,
between my valleys of white roses,
I feel a fire burning in my depths,
a joy that brings tears of gratitude,
Even the swallows fly, circling our
union, and you're so majestic,
O my beloved!

I adore your pale back, softer than velvet,
I adore your lustful brown eyes that,
challenge my judgment, because you know,
I give myself unreservedly at your mercy!
When that dangerous snake of yours explores,
beneath my innocence, I no longer care to be,
a lady, I'm willing to be the whore of whores,
O my beloved!

When our tongues touch and lick,
there are bursts of fire,
tasting of life and death,
O my beloved, I want you!
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Strangers (Versión en Español incluida)


We were only promises made from the wind
friends who did not survive
in the storm
Where are we now?
Traveling through places to explore
while the others have become extinct
or they have hidden
without asking how they are.
Now everyone is on their own,
fulfilling their purpose,
And if we cross again ...
We would know that time made us strangers.


Éramos solo promesas hechas del viento
amigos que no sobrevivieron
en la tempestad
¿En dónde estamos ahora?

Viajando por lugares que explorar
mientras que los otros se han extinguido
o se han escondido
sin preguntar cómo están.

Ahora cada quien marcha por su propia cuenta,
cumpliendo su propósito,
Y si acaso nos cruzáramos de nuevo...
Sabríamos que el tiempo nos convirtió en extraños.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Marzo 18, 2019.
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Too many clouds

on the roof.

This big building’s screaming

and laughing so loud.

Come on, come in;

you’re all welcome here.

But be quiet and invisible,

or you’ll have to get out.

Shut up, work for me.

I am the authority now.

You chose this life,

so don’t you complain.

Or… walk away.


Go back to your place!

Go back

to where you’re unwelcome,

where you can’t work

or pay the rent.


Go back

to where you were born;

go back

to where you came from.

Come on, go.

Go, and stay there

for ever.

Get back,

and stay ‘till death.

Cause there will be

no choice this time.

You’ll die in them,

or you’ll live in me.

Welcome, refugee.
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"All I ever wanted" Written by @EnidIsáis

All I ever wanted

I don’t remember
having been greedy;
it was only essential for myself
to escape from my mental prison
to fly next to the seagulls
without looking back.

I realized that certificates
framed in gold didn’t make me
a better person
nevertheless a wise woman;
it is not an absolute purpuse of life,
but love is.

Perhaps all what I’ve endured
such as rejection, loneliness and illnesses
are just a form to purify my soul,
it’s about to rise again in the rubble.

Who better to understand the fallen?
Who better to kiss with open arms the forgotten?

Whatever path I walk,
may love always find its way with mine…
It’s all I ever wanted.

Enid Rodríguez Isáis
Estados Unidos
Mayo 2019.

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There´s nothing more

I´m tired of climbing up the stages
looking at the faces.
Always looking for you
when no one looks for me.

Walking past the flashes
where I can´t feel you anymore
and I´m just left to be alone
tired of trying all the ashes.

There´s nothing left for us
but papers burning in the dust.
Our memories living in the past.
There´s nothing more.
No hay nada más

Estoy cansada de escalar los escenarios
mirando a las caras.
Siempre buscándote
cuando nadie me busca.

Caminando entre los destellos
donde ya no puedo sentirte
y se me ha dejado para estar sola.
Cansada de probar todas las cenizas.

No queda nada para nosotros
excepto papeles ardiendo en el polvo.
Nuestros recuerdos viviendo en el pasado.
No hay nada más.
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The energy inside me
wants to break free,
like the rays of the sunrise
breaking the dark dawn.

My bones are aching,
my blood flows all over me
like a hot lava
ready to explode.

I run thru the dessert
feeling my skin burst in flame
my mind radiates like a nova
and my soul breaks free.

I breathe, and I let go
all the thing that hurt me in the past
now they become ashes
and I become lighter.

The energy inside me radiates
the impurities of my thoughts are gone
I’m never going to be a saint
but I’ll be a free soul.
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