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Glass and ice

Break me the glass
of my eyes
melt my cold heart
made of ice.

@SolitarioAmnte / ix-17
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Sunshine and honey

So much sunshine
in your eyes of honey
so much smile
in your peachy mouth,
drive me to your south
please be my bunny.

@SolitarioAmnte / ix-17
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I can't remember the last time
I saw the world this way.
Blue sky behind some golden clouds,
calmed water at the bay.

I lived reading those letters you
write, just to hear your voice.
Your presence was a summer storm,
my reason to rejoice.

I can't remember the last words
you whispered to my ears.
But I can remember your hands
washing away my tears.

I lied to myself to believe
we both will meet again.
But now I understand, even
the greatest songs have end.

I can't remember the last day
I saw your name so close.
Engraved in this grey mossy stone,
beside a rotten rose.
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Haiku (harbor)

Begins the day.
It is sunny at the harbor.
The summer dawn.

@SolitarioAmnte / x-17
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Rotten words

Poema que se me ocurrió en inglés, lo pongo traducido y debajo el original.

Palabras podridas

Todas estas palabras
colgando como cuervos
peleándose con las notas
escondiendo metáforas.

Todo este podrido frío
sentándose en el trono
mirando a mis fantasmas
pintados en la pared.

Cubierta por un ataúd
rodeada de rosas
espinas clavando mis ojos abiertos
sintiéndonos como cadáveres.

Andando por las calles,
pensando en nuestros sueños
yaciendo en las hojas
rasgadas en el arroyo.


Rotten words

All these words
hanging up like crows
messing with the chords
hidding metaphors.

All this rotten cold
sitting on the throne
looking at my ghosts
painted on the wall

Covered by a coffin
sorrounded by roses
thorns nail my eyes open
feeling like we are corpses.

Walking through the streets
thinking of our dreams
lying on sheets
teared off in the stream.
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I don't want to stay and see light fading.
I'm not ready yet to see the dark,
I know there's only a spark.

I don't want to sit waiting for silence.
I don't want to see what we become
when the clouds cover the sun.

I'm not tough enough to live the ending.
I think I will stay behind the wall,
I don't want to see you fall.

Tears born from the silence
can be heard further away.
I pretend I'm not afraid

to never hear your voice again.
I'm taking shelter from the rain.

I know nothing can be made,
you will go but you will stay.
I pretend I'm not afraid

to see your face just through the glass.
I am the future and you are the past.
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It's not the same

It will never be the same, no,
it will never be the same, no.
This is the very real way, isn't it?
this the very real way, isn't it?.

I'm wasted but I love it too much,
I'm crazy so what you complain about?
You were told that, yeh you were told,
so baby don't scream and let me go.

If you dont understand my madness,
where the hell is your kindness?
If I were normal as you wanted,
maybe I'd say I'm pretty fucked.

I'm still thinking about your hair,
and I got too much things to say,
but baby I got several pain from you,
so baby you got to know, my love flew.

It will never be the same, no,
it will never be the same, no.
This is the very real way, isn't it?
this the very real way, isn't it?.

I'm still dragging my scars down,
but you dont have to be worried about it
Cariño not now you did it never for me,
every single dance we made cringed.
When I told that to all my dudes they winced, haha, so baby now, let me free.

It will never be the same, no,
it will never be the same, no.
This is the very real way, isn't it?
this the very real way, isn't it?.

With your voice you were a storyteller,
your magic tales provided me fever
and I pretended to be a believer, haha
but actually I was being my "headkeeper"
so after all those stories, the alcohol was my painkiller, hahahaha, and not you.

It will never be the same, no,
it will never be the same, no.
This is the very real way, isn't it?
this the very real way, isn't it?.
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The empty battle

With a thousand horses surrounding each flank,
they are not stopped by the trails that lead to the cliff,
with his gallop cutting the grass in his step
and thunderous galloping in droves.

Mounted by valuable knights,
that at a gallop they still wear hats,
and with spears they break shelf walls.

Which is from his faithful companion the steed,
but not the rope that holds the hat
nor the spur that keeps him standing.

But the gallantry its riders,
those who make thunder the firm ground,
they divert them from the paths that lead to cliffs
and they shake the walls with paper corbels.

They gallop towards an empty castle
of steeds, swords and throne,
as if they had fled in laughter.

And crowned the site by the troops
the gentleman runs to carry news and gallops,
to his kingdom that impatient new compare
the papyrus that noble swift carries in cord.

A question my King asks:
Where did valiant gentlemen flee
What valuable place should they defend?

Perhaps seeing the thousand nags that, surrounding the flank,
they were not stopped by the paths that lead to cliffs
with his gallop cutting the grass in his path,
they fled for not being able to protect it.

By Alfonso J. Paredes
Image taken from the internet, whose source is:
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There´s nothing more

I´m tired of climbing up the stages
looking at the faces.
Always looking for you
when no one looks for me.

Walking past the flashes
where I can´t feel you anymore
and I´m just left to be alone
tired of trying all the ashes.

There´s nothing left for us
but papers burning in the dust.
Our memories living in the past.
There´s nothing more.
No hay nada más

Estoy cansada de escalar los escenarios
mirando a las caras.
Siempre buscándote
cuando nadie me busca.

Caminando entre los destellos
donde ya no puedo sentirte
y se me ha dejado para estar sola.
Cansada de probar todas las cenizas.

No queda nada para nosotros
excepto papeles ardiendo en el polvo.
Nuestros recuerdos viviendo en el pasado.
No hay nada más.
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Once I was

Once I had dreams
I was loved
I was kissed
I was alive.

Once the moon was full
I was caressed
I was the dance
I was hugged.

Once the sky was blue
I was nurtured
I was admired
I was free.

Once the melodies sounded
I was inspired
I was breathing
I was awake.

Once the night had stars
I was photographed
I was desired
I was light.
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In a deep night
I can hear a sound
that comes from the rain.

This sound is like a noise of a train:
a thick

It is like a kick
in your ear.

But for your eyes
it is a silent light
so pure, nuclear,
that drives me crazy

The moon flys with the automatic
driver, she is so lazy.

I shouldn't hear this voice,
but it is too frail,
I need to hide evermore
this voice that said:

"Some more"
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sun that shines 'cause stars are bright
i brought a gift i made for you
with remains of thunder and drops of light
dusty cosmic love, rusty once again

come with me i’ll show you how
to live for love and die for God
don’t be sad and lonely you are unique
found secret stash among the ashes of your soul

Nature needs to take its toll
Token for a penny, symbol of the lost
Hearts get broke and snow will fall
It don’t make sense to us even though our

Planets are made of symmetry
Bodies made of hemispheres
Galaxies empty for the most part
My love for you is only half of this

Seasons come and go, sea waves will die
Kids will find patterns everywhere
You can lean towards anything or
You could notice me and love me back
In symmetry. In symmetry. In symmetry

Sun don’t shine cause you wont smile
I have a gift, made just for you
What remains of you and I
Only light can salvage now

All this time you’ve been right here
Don’t you see our love was blessed by God
If you’re too scared to be yourself
Forget everything and follow your gut

Planets are made of symmetry
Bodies made of hemispheres
Galaxies empty for the most part
My love for you is only half of this

Seasons come and go, sea waves will die
Kids will find patterns everywhere
You can lean towards anything or
You could notice me and love me back
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Palabra Maldita

“What was this yearning tearing at her insides like hunger and thirst? It couldn’t be love. Love was warm and soft, like a bed of leaves, and this was dark, like the shade under a poisonous shrub, and it was hungry. So hungry.” ------- Cornelia Funke, Reckless 2012

Palabra traicionera,
Vas en contra de los latidos de mi corazón
Y del querer de mi alma.
Palabra mentirosa,
Que hablas del fuego como si no lo conocieras,
Como si no te estuviera consumiendo
En este mismo instante.
Palabra veleidosa,
Que no me dejas expresar
Que hay un peso en mi pecho que me eleva y me hunde,
Que me azota y me acaricia,
Que me quita el sueño y la razón.
Palabra maldita,
Que crees que eres solo palabra,
Que crees que no le das forma a mi mundo,
Que no me alejas cada vez más,
Que no me haces desaparecer ante sus ojos.
Palabra bendita,
Que me proteges de mí misma,
De los errores que muero por cometer
De los desvaríos
De mi corazón.
Y aún así,
Palabra desquiciada,
Me quitaste el albedrío de decir
Te quiero
Te deseo
Con toda esta locura,
Con toda esta insensatez.
Aunque no haga sentido alguno,
Mi corazón late al ritmo de tus manos
Y mi pecho se levanta al sonido de tu voz.
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No sabes lo que es
La sensación...
Que tienes cuando estas solo
Te llena...
Siente como desgarra tu mente cómo un trozo de papel
No sabes como nombrarlo
No sabes como describirlo
Solo sabes...
Que estas solo
Y nadie puede ayudarte
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Se Fue

Ella anhelaba la aventura
Entonces ella decidió irse
Ella quería algo nuevo, algo más
Ella quiere dejar atrás todos sus problemas
Ella quiere vivir su vida en un lugar diferente
Donde nadie la conociera
Así que una noche decidió irse y nunca mirar atrás
Ella empacó una bolsa con las cosas más importantes que necesitaría
Pero ella decidió que no los necesitaba
Ella quería empezar de nuevo
Entonces ella se fue ... En medio de la noche
Lo único que quedó fue el recuerdo de ella.
Por la mañana ella se había ido
¿Debería haber esperado para decir adiós?
Ella no dijo que se iba
Ella pensó que era lo mejor ...
Porque ella no quería ser detenida
Ella quería dejar su vida atrás
Se había ido y nadie sabía a dónde iba.
Nadie la vio irse
La gente se preguntaba por qué se fue o si la volverían a ver
Pero el hecho es que nunca la volvieron a ver.
Ella empezó de cero
Nuevos comienzos, nuevas amistades.
Ella decidió vivir una vida diferente
Para el final del día…
Ella se fue
Y ella nunca miró hacia atrás.
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¿Quien soy yo?

Todos tienen miedo de algo
La mayor parte se trata de ellos mismos
Evitando ser su verdadero ser
La gente no entendería
El miedo reina en sus vidas ... Miedo, está presente en mi vida
Este sentimiento me aterra
Tengo miedo de mí ... Ser quien realmente quiero ser
Hace mucho tiempo me di cuenta de que soy el enemigo
Tengo el poder de destruirme por completo
Tengo que ser yo o de lo contrario me perdería
En la vida tienes tantas preguntas
Algunas puedes responder y otras no
Pero al final solo hay una pregunta que importa
Al menos me importa a mi
La mas importante de todas
¿Quién soy yo?
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Did I told you

Did I told you

You were the only one,
sorry love, another one has come.

Did I pretend it was forever?
Did you believe me?
Such fools that we were.

Honestly, I try
Not to write the same story
that the one I wrote with you.

But going back to the old habits
staying on the pattern.
Cuz chocolate addicted
can’t keep my mind off a body.

I always go back to your nudes,
Do you also do the same?
I’m still the one that makes you crazy in bed?

Did I told you,
You were the only one?
Sorry love, I have lost count.
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Cuando ya no este contigo
Recuerda todas las cosas que compartimos
Todas las risas ... Todo el amor que sentimos el uno por el otro
Todos los recuerdos ... tenlos cerca de tu corazón
En tu momento más oscuro ... cuando tienes ganas de ahogarte
Cuando todo parece perdido y te encuentras sin fuerza
Porque siempre estoy contigo
No importa qué o dónde esté ... estaré allí para ti
Si estoy lejos de ti
No tengas miedo, no quiero que te sientas solo
No importa la distancia, no podrá mantenernos separados para siempre
Pero si llegara el momento ...
Y ya no estoy en esta tierra
No estés triste ... Porque siempre voy a estar contigo
Mantenme en tu corazón y nunca me olvides
Recuérdame con una sonrisa en tu cara
Recuerda los momentos que pasamos juntos, las peleas y las reconciliaciones que tuvimos
Recuerda el apoyo que nos dimos
Los altibajos que enfrentamos, solo nos hicieron más fuertes
Así que no importa los obstáculos que la vida pueda arrojar en tu camino
Eres más fuerte de lo que piensas
Nunca te olvides de mi
Porque siempre te tendré en mi mente y corazón
Recuérdame siempre
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Mi Reina

Durante toda mi vida he llevado una corona
Ha estado en mi cabeza desde que tengo memoria
No significa que mi vida haya sido fácil
Soy un rey sin reina a mi lado
Las responsabilidades y deberes amenazan con ahogarme todos los días
El peso de un país descansa sobre mis hombros
Y la corona se siente pesada en mi cabeza
Esta vida nunca es fácil ... Al menos no para mí
Pero todo cambió
Ella aparece en mi vida como un sol andante
Ella es la luz que coincide con mi oscuridad
Ella quitó el peso del mundo de mis hombros
Ella hace todo mejor, hace que esta vida valga la pena vivir
Ella es la que me hizo creer en el amor por primera vez.
La corona es pesada
Pero ya no es pesado en mi cabeza
Ella me dio vida
Algo por lo que luchar
No la merezco, pero ella me hace luchar para merecerla
Ella es mi vida, mi amor, mi todo
Y ella será mi reina por siempre
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