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Old pages

I trampled upon
these old pages
filled with dreams.
Emerging words
from the soul of a poet
writing her own
memory graves.

Marian Godoy

Twitter prompt
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#1   I didn't know you were a bilingual teacher, that's so cool! no wonder why you are good in your English writing.

Keep it up!
Next time we should compose an English poem together.
If you are up for another challenge and if you got time, just let me know.

Wishing you the best,
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#3   #1 that will be great!
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#2   Pisoteé
estas páginas viejas
llenas de sueños,
palabras emergentes
del alma de un poeta,
escribiendo en la suya propia
tumbas de memoria....

El poeta hace su camino, con la tinta que emana de su piel..Hermosos versos, Marian..
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#4   So beautiful, it’s a lot of feelings inside {0x2665}
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#5   #4 Thank you for stopping by! {0x1f49c}
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